Ulovane Update: April 2018 Field & Trails Guides Week 4

07 May

Ulovane Update: Backup Trails


This week we had a very interesting week. We started the week off with a lecture on 3 different subjects , Approaching dangerous game on foot, Animal diseases and crime scene management. Wednesday we started the day as the sun came out having a walk on Amakhala which saw us focusing on tracking and practicing approaching dangerous game but because the art of bush walks is so unpredictable we didn’t encounter any dangerous game only a few brown hyena tracks and lots of different bird tracks. The highlight of the walks we did was seeing a juvenile Cape cobra in a battle with a juvenile brown house snake which was a super awesome and a lucky sighting!

Thursday was a more relaxed day and pretty exciting too! As the trails group had their Amakhala sleep out on the reserve which was freezing but an awesome time none the less . The sleep out was full of activity and team building , being blind folded and having to walk through a thicket is loads of fun but challenging at the same time , after this we had an afternoon of securing camp for the night to make sure we didn’t get any unwanted visitors in the middle of the night. That night was started off with a nice braai in the bush and followed by everyone being on duty during the night checking the perimeter and making sure everything is safe. Friday morning was filled with a walk by bushmans grave  where we encountered the lions on foot which was very heart pounding! The rest of the walk was filled with learning about tracks and the art of tracking animals in the bush. All in all this week was a busy and fun filled week stacked with awesome walks and exercises.

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Ulovane Update: Field Guides

The fourth week on this amazing journey of ours will definitely be one to remember as there were so many activates in which we took part in.

Monday we went on an adventure which took us along the Bushman’s River for some relaxation and an array of activities one of them being a fishing competition which saw both instructors Grant and Justin catching 2 fish each and the students reply with 2 by Natalie. End score being 4-2. Canoeing was also an activity that everyone took part in during the course of the day. We also had a visit by a four-legged animal by the name of Stella. She’s a very loveable “wet” bundle of happiness to our Canadian friend Tristan who a took a very healthy liking to her. They swam up and down the river barking, splashing and shouting like they had known each other for years.

Tuesday was game count day. This started with the most incredible misty sunrise at gods window on Amakhala Game Reserve. After a cup of coffee the briefing began and we all went our separate ways one different vehicles and different counting teams. It was valuable information that we were busy with to assist the reserve in their data capture and reports, it was awesome to be apart of the reserve team for a day.  From freezing cold, to scorching hot, it was a fantastic day out in the bush. We definitely got to know the reserve even better!

On Wednesday we had planned to go on a night drive to do some stargazing but because we live in the heart of the Eastern Cape the weather sometimes doesn’t behave itself and the lightning and big rain clouds rolled in. But being young and spontaneous we set off into the dark with warm clothes and our rain jackets not to look for stars but to get a general understanding of how and what to do to conduct a successful night drive experience, even when the weather doesn’t play along.

As our game drive assessments edge closer, our driving skills and guiding knowledge become more and more important. So for now we are keeping our eye on the prize and know that every day out in the bush is another opportunity to learn more and gain more experience for our future careers!

Gods Window on Amakhala Game Reserve. Special place!

This week was great and we can all take a lot out of it physically, mentally and emotionally.

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