Ulovane Update: April 2018 Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 6

21 May

Ulovane Update: Field Guides

Week 6 has been intense. The week began with the suspense driven mock tracking assessment. We really enjoyed the eye opening experience and all learned a lot. The  excitement continued as we covered birds and reptiles further through the week.

The lectures were interesting and it was awesome to put the knowledge into action out in the field. We spotted a girdled lizard who we named Boettgers. This was a rare sighting as winter is coming, and quickly. The amount of birds out there is overwhelming and as for the bird calls – it’s still a work in progress.

The late afternoon drives best moment was the lion sighting where they strolled right past the vehicle – it was incredible! To end off a brilliant week we all set out onto Ulovane reserve for some ‘me time’ (24 hours in the bush, just us). We headed out in teams, with food for the night, torches, sleeping bags and a sense of adventure. It was fantastic, we were all in our happy place and the night sounds and company of our fellow students made for a fun evening. Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as we had expected. However, waking up with a spider on your face is definitely not an experience any of us would like to experience again!

Can’t wait for the hosting evening in the up and coming week – it’s going to be so much fun!

PS: teamwork between Natalie, Marko with much help from Colleen (Teamwork is Dreamwork)

Birds soaring through the sky represents the limitless freedom and potential available to us if we release our fears. Taking off to fly for the first time can be scary and bring about feelings of fear. Without taking the risk of the first flight, we won’t find the internal freedom we desire. We must dare to take our feet off the ground, spread our wings and soar. – Purpose fairy

Ulovane Update: Backup Trails Guides

It has been a busy week for the trails group here at Ulovane as we sat our mock back-up trails theory exam as well as going on walks and preparing for our Cybertracker track and sign evaluation, at the end of the week, which involves being asked questions ranging from aardvark burrows to zebra tracks and everything in between.

The mock theory exam gave us all a good indication as to how well we were doing and how much work we need to do before the final exam, next Friday, as the end of the course and graduation fast approaching.

The Cybertracker evaluation allows us to demonstrate our knowledge of tracking as well as any signs left behind by animals. Picking up these signs are extremely important whilst walking in the bush, especially being able to pick up on partial big 5 tracks which could pose as a threat to us and guests whilst on a trail.

“I personally absolutely love tracking, as it allows you to be able to tell a story as to what happened even though the animals have long moved on, just by the signs they’ve left behind, for example rhinos sleeping under a tree and then walking to the plains to graze” – Paul.

Tracking is fast becoming a lost art, and with the training and assessments that Ulovane provide we can try and save that from happening! I think we have all thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks learning how to track and identify animal signs in the bush. It’s amazing how fast you can pick these things up, and so we would like to say a HUGE special thanks to the trails instructors – Pieter Dunn, Shani Preller and Schaulk Pretorius for their dedication and patience whilst teaching us.

Congratulations to everyone achieving a cybertracker level in Track and Sign this week! Also, GOOD LUCK to all those doing their practical back-up trails assessment next week. I’m sure you will all do great!

Paul & Antonia (Noni)

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” – Colin Powell. 

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