Ulovane Update: April 2018 Field and Trails Guides

18 Apr

We are back and ready to rock and roll after a much needed break for all, to refresh and revive!

Once again a very warm welcome to our new arrivals for the Field Guide course. Welcome back to the Back up Trails students, who have two new recruits on their team, Rachel a Sassveld graduate and Antonia who was a student with us in 2014, welcome ladies! Grant, who just completed his 6 months training with us, is joinig the Ulovane team for his practical experience for the next six months and will be adding to his qualifications along the way. We are excited for the semester ahead and there is going to be plenty to keep us busy and you entertained. We look forward to hosting our high school friends from Arizona – the AAEC Early College High School (AAEC – Arizona Agribusiness & Equine College) joining us the month of May and we are also thrilled to be assisting with the St Andrews Prep Grade 7’s (Grahamstown) Expedition together with the ACC (Amakhala Conservation centre) on Amakhala Game Reserve.

Enjoy the journey with us……

April 2018 Field Guides

Ulovane Update: April Field Guides

On the 8 April 2018, my journey at Ulovane Environmental Training began with a warm welcome from members of staff and fellow students. In just the first week, friendships were formed and a better understanding of the natural environment was developed.

Our first game drive started with an exceptionally beautiful sunrise and a special sighting of 3 cheetah just outside the Ulovane gate. A lot was learnt in this past week on our game drives and we even had the chance to see the new month-old baby elephant!

This week we focused on Amakhala Game Reserve as a whole, including all of the historical sites and standard operational procedures. It was interesting to gain a variety of different views from Justin and Grant who both have a strong passion and love for nature.

We also did our first aid course which was intensive and very fun! During the week we learnt radio operating skills, research skills, vehicle skills and of course social skills.

I had the chance to celebrate my birthday here last week and was spoiled with a birthday cake and a song too! It was extra special.

This course has already made us all mature a bit by making us more responsible for our own actions and independent by looking after ourselves and helping around camp. I look forward to another fun 9 weeks and I am ready for the obstacles that come my way as well as the bonds that are bound to be formed.

Good luck to everyone for the week ahead!

  • Amber Tweedie

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Ulovane Update: Backup Trails Guides

After a two weeks break, it’s so good to be back at Ulovane. Still on a high from the 10 week level 1 course, we were super pumped to get back into the swing of things. I don’t think I can explain just how exciting it was to be back with all who I shared the level 1 experience with – it was one big happy reunion filled with much chatter and laughs!

The first week back was focused on rifle handling. We had lectures surrounding all things rifling handling as well as lectures about PFTC. In order to move onto the next step of the course certain certificates must be obtained – starting with your PFTC and competency. We picked up the air rifle to practice all of our 7 fundamentals of shooting as well as studied up on all the laws, safety practices and general firearm handling in order to prepare for the exam we were to take in a few days. We are very happy to say that all 14 back up trials students passed there PFTC theory and practice exams!

One week in and we have already had many new, exciting experiences. The highlights of my week have handling rifles (both the air rifles, .22 and .375) and secondly my encounter with a spotted bush snake, thanks to Uncle Ben! Having no experience with firearms, it certainly made me nervous when I first picked up the air rifle. However, having Piet by your side every step of the way is calming and reassuring. Taking these first few shots opened my eyes to how much fun shooting could be – this enjoyment continued as we started to get creative and challenge ourselves with some DIY targets.

The week to follow is intense ARH training and exam which involves rifle handling with a .375The nerves are definitely there as passing ARH means that I can then take the rifle on our walks and will be responsible for the safety of all the people around me. Along with the nerves is excitement and determination do the best I can. Maybe just maybe that will lead to me obtaining an ARH qualification.

We enjoyed meeting some of the guides during our Advance Rifle handling sessions on the shooting range and handling rifles, I must say has been FUN!

It’s only the beginning and we are already having a blast.

Wishing the rest of our trails group as well as the level 1 field guides the best of luck for the weeks to come!

  • Collen and Bianca

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