Byron Sullivan

29 Nov

How did the Ulovane experience prepare / influence you for your current career? Ulovane ensures that you graduate with the ammunition needed to enter the industry. You learn teamwork, and how to deal with clients making it vital for the success of your career. You leave Ulovane equipped and ready to go, with the Best possible foundation and with a new family, the Ulovane Team which always ensure you are happy and go out of their way to ensure you get the best ever training experience. Ulovane gave me all that I needed to be ready for this industry and shaped me to who I am, not just as a guide, but also as a person. Thank you again Ulovane!!!!!

When did you graduate at Ulovane and briefly tell us what you have been doing since then? I Started with Ulovane in April 2014. I did the level 1 Field guide qualification as well as the back-up trails. Since I graduated from Ulovane in August 2014, I have been working for Hillsnek Safari Camp on Amakhala Game Reserve. I am currently the Head Ranger for Hillsnek and a senior guide for Amakhala. I have since obtained my regional bird guiding qualification and my Advanced Field Guide (Level 2). Ulovane gave me the best possible foundation for my career and are always available and help you to obtain further qualification since I have graduated.

Why did you choose Ulovane as your preferred field guide training provider? Ulovane offers you a very practical way of learning. You graduate not just with the qualification but also with extensive knowledge of each module since you have gone out and physically looked for the related things, Example, when doing the bird module, you go out and look for birds, and identifying them by sight and sound, this gives you an a much more extensive understanding of each and every module. Like I previously said, Ulovane is the best of the best, and I cannot Thank Schalk and Candice enough for the life Changing experience that Ulovane offers. You will NEVER regret choosing Ulovane as your Training provider, if you are unsure of which training provider to choose, I am telling you “ULOVANE”.

What are your aspirations and future plans? My aspirations and future plans are to continue growing myself, it is a forever learning industry and challenging yourself to grow, not just as a person, but as a guide. So I think up next for me will be my Professional field guide qualification (level 3), and obtaining my SKS in Birding. Always strive to improve yourself, don’t get complacent, push forward, and go further, you won’t regret it!!!

What stands out as your favourite memory at Ulovane? My Best memory at Ulovane? Mmmmm, there are so many amazing memories that it makes it difficult to choose, but the professionalism and helpfulness of the entire Ulovane team stands strong in my bank of memories.

What has been your most memorable moment working since studying to become a field guide at Ulovane? Nature is Incredible!! Spending time out in nature just sitting and observing it unfold in front of you it the most amazing thing ever. It is so humbling and makes you appreciate how lucky we are to be able to enjoy this beautiful place every day. Never take it for granted, always take the time to Stop and appreciate, these are the moments that will stick with you forever. These moments stand out for me as the most memorable.

What advice would you give to someone entering the guiding industry today? You need to be confident in yourself, but be Humble. Always be willing to learn from others even if they have less experience than you. Always push yourself to be better, please DO NOT become complacent, and the most important advice I could give anyone is that appreciate where you are, take the time to stop and enjoy it, we are truly blessed to be able to see this every day, do not take it for granted!

Why would you recommend a prospective student to obtain their guiding qualification through Ulovane? Ulovane ensures you get the best ever foundation to kick off your career. You leave with a lot more confidence in yourself and this is the most important trait to have, Confident but humble… Ulovane team ensures you are 100% happy at all times, helping and guiding you in the right direction to achieve great things. I cannot express enough how Ulovane helped me be who I am today. The level of professionalism and guidance is incomparable and as I said before, Ulovane is the BEST!!! I will NEVER regret choosing Ulovane as my training provider, and neither will you!

How do you ensure that you stay positive, even through difficult times? Staying Positive, this is never easy in difficult times. When you find yourself struggling to be positive, remember why you are here! As I have mentioned a few times before, I cannot express the importance of spending time alone in nature, it will remind why you are doing what you are doing and always gives you that extra drive to muscle through these difficult times. Take the time to observe and appreciate, it will push you forward!

Do you have a conservation message for the guides of the future? My conservation message is that you must always respect wildlife and the environment. Ensure that you conserve what we have and never try and change the natural happenings. It’s up to us to protect this beautiful and delicate place so future generations can experience and appreciate what we are so blessed with. Nature and the environment is the engine of all life on the planet and if it is destroyed we will go down with it. Protect and respect this beautiful place, it’s up to us to make a difference!!!!

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