Ulovane Update: Level One group Week 2

25 Apr

Life as a trainee Field Guide: No two days are the same!

Ulovane update: This week started out amazing! Astronomy lessons and a really nice dinner under the stars. We watched lightning roll in whilst sitting on  the top of Amakhala Game Reserve. I just love lying on the ground looking up in space feeling so small. Our trainer Kyle has this amazing laser pen which can point on the stars!!! How cool is that?! I need that thing ?Nicola10

We moved on to lessons about geology, weather and climate. Oh my goodness it is dry stuff for me! A rock is a rock and the weather is just around us, right?! That is definitely not the case ? I’m still trying to understand. We know we have an exam coming up every Sunday so we just have to plug all the info Ulovane feed us into our brains!

IMG_9558We had a wonderful yoga session one morning before the day in the classroom. It gives me such a good energising start of the day ? The same day ended around a cozy fire with toasted sandwiches and melted marshmallows ?

We had some very interesting trail walks and game drives around the reserve. Our main goal this week is definitely to handle some of the guiding skills we have learned last week and that huge car of a Land Cruiser on those bumpy roads ? We actually did a full service on our game drive car; changing diesel filter, changing air filter, changing oil filter and oil and filling it up with diesel – MANUALLY! I did not think that this would ever happen in my life ?

Kyle is super hyperactive and so passionate about what he is doing, and it’s therefore easy to lose track of time….We go so hungry for lunch and dinner, that all of our stomachs sounds like an amazing pride of lions roaring ? thank heavens Mamma Thabs always has delishness waiting for us!

This week we saw two young male elephants training for fights later in life. I love watching that massive intelligent animal ? We also saw a cheetah on top of a sand dune ready to make a move for a kill. He had a young eland in sight.Sschalk

On Sunday we experience an all new activity….fire fighting! We all jumped in the back of Uncle Ben’s bakkie up, got lots of water and drove close to the fire and got busy! It was horrible to watch! The grass, bushes and trees were on fire. It was spreading so quickly. Imagine how many animals that might have lost their life in there ? We did beautiful teamwork! Wes with the water hose and the rest of us with the fire beaters. In cooperation with the other lodges and 3 hours later we killed that fire! ✌?️

After this firefighter act, my run this morning was absolutely unnecessary!!!

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