Ulovane update: July level one group Week 9

13 Sep

Life as a trainee Field Guide: This is not the end…..it is only the beginning of the rest of our guiding lives

Ulovane update: Nine weeks have gone by too quickly and from your first day Ulovane seems like home, now as we see the inevitable departure, I can’t help feeling of disappointed that we cannot stay in this paradise forever.

megMonday was dedicated to preparing our presentations and also a quick adventure to the local farm stall for delicious goodies and then playing pool and anything else that was unproductive, but somehow we did manage to finish our presentation before Wednesday. Tuesday was the day of our tracking assessment, something we were all nervous but extremely excited about. Shani took us out and gave us tracks to identify, when we got them incorrect she would explain how to identify them next time, sharing her vast knowledge of tracking. Tuesday evening was the food and wine pairing evening, Karen, from Stenden University came and exposed us to the skill of food and wine pairing, a skill that we will surely use when hosting… and at home, or anytime wine is present.

Wednesday was dedicated to presentations, where we spoke about a topic of our choice (nature related of course), from jumping spiders to sustainable farming each student giving more insight into their subject. Thursday was our field observation assessment, where we went on a walk on Ulovane, where different birds, bird calls, tree’s, tracks, geology or just any question related to what we have studied in these nine weeks was asked and assessed. Next was a slide and sound assessment where we needed to identify a species either by picture or by call.

Friday was spent preparing Ulovane for our guests coming for our final assessment drives. Saturday, I woke up early to prepare my vehicle for my drive and as the tradition goes on, when it’s time for assessment drives, of course, it will rain. Our amazing guests braved the weather though and we had great sightings throughout the weekend. Sunday night we set up the table to have our last Sunday dinner together.

meg3A huge thank you to everyone at Ulovane for their patience and support. Thank you to Schalk and Candice for giving us this amazing opportunity, to our instructors for sharing their endless knowledge, Mama Thabs and Mama Joyce for making us feel at home, Jacques for keeping camp in pristine condition and to all my fellow students for all the memories, I wish you luck and may you achieve anything you set your mind to.

  • Megan and Marie

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

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