Ulovane Update: April Trails Guide Group Week 4

09 May

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Logging hours on foot and Jungle Lane

Ulovane update: This week was business as usual. Apart for half the group falling ill with tick bite fever, the rest of us had a fantastic time. Our focus was on clocking up hours and encounters in order to qualify for our trails assessment. We managed quite well logging encounters with Rhino, Elephant, Lion and Hippo the Buffalo, however, proved to be too elusive and we were unable to get a sighting of them despite our best efforts. The weather at times was not the best but our enthusiasm for learning gets us through the testing times and conditions.

On Friday, however, our day was much different, we woke up very early to make our way to Amakhala. It was our day to be tested in the famous ‘Jungle Lane’. It was a great experience, an obstacle shooting course in the bush to test our alertness, observational awareness, bush knowledge and rifle skills. Luckily it was just a simulation because all of us managed to ‘die’ numerous times.

On Sunday we got to meet the new level 1’s who joined us for a pizza day. All in all it was a awesome week at Intaka Lodge and Kariega Private Game Reserve. On to week five then. Eish, I can’t believe how quick the time goes.

  • Abi and Shaun
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