Ulovane Update: April Level one Course Week 8

09 Jun

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Time to Shine!

Ulovane update: Week 8 has been an extremely hectic week; with Monday-Wednesday being dedicated to conservation management practicals, mock tracking assessments and Friday-Monday Game drive assessment drives.

Conservation management- on Monday, we were split into two groups.  One group was working on eradicating the alien invasive prickly pear and the other group was tasked with digging sand out of the quarry and constructing bolsters and miter drains to prevent erosion taking place on the roads of Ulovane Reserve.  After each day of working on Ulovane reserve, the students drove the game viewers around in order to become completely proficient in driving them.  In the beginning of the week, Ulovane had five new cape mountain zebras arrive, watching them get offloaded was an interesting experience for all of us!

On Thursday, after three days of rewarding but tiring manual labor, we went out onto Amakhala Game Reserve to do mock tracking assessments.  The assessments were incredibly challenging but the whole group did exceptionally well considering the difficulty of the assessment.

The game drive assessments, with real guests, were a source of great stress for everyone. We have all word really hard this last 8 weeks and it was now time to put all our knowledge and skills learnt, into practice. We were all fussing over the decorations, communications with guests, sorting out vehicles, routes and worrying over whether it would rain or not. The weather turned out to be more on the miserable side as Friday was freezing cold and windy, Saturday- Monday was cold in the mornings and only slightly warmed up to the end of the day. Besides adverse weather and a small vehicle problem, there were no major issues and we all feel 100% prepared for our next assessment.

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