Ulovane Update: September Trails Guides Week 6

11 Nov

Life as a Trainee Trails Guide: A Week of Tracks and Rifles


The first few days of the week were mainly spent on some self-study due to the rain keeping us indoors and unable to go out on foot. The students knew that the tracking and advanced rifle handling assessments were coming up later in the week so spent most of their time practicing with the rifle and looking at tracking books.
When the weather finally cleared we were all set and ready to get back out into the bush for the tracking section of the course. We have been looking at tracks on most of our walks in previous weeks and this was now the time to sharpen our knowledge and see how much we actually knew. We spent three days of tracking with Taryn Ingram-Gillson of which one was a training day and the other two were used as assessment days. One would think tracking only goes for the big animals, but you can’t be more wrong…everything gets thrown in, from bird tracks to mongoose tracks, crab holes to wasp nests. It was an amazing experience and learn’t an incredible amount in such a short time. Everybody really enjoyed the tracking section and all of us can’t wait to further ourselves in this field of guiding, being able to read the stories on nature’s canvas really makes the bush more exiting and gives a guide a huge advantage in having a better understanding on how nature works.
At the end of the week the students found themselves behind the .375 again as they attempted the advanced rifle handling and jungle lane exercises. With targets popping up from nowhere and the smell of gunpowder how can it not be an enjoyable time. By the time we got back to camp there was already a nice fire going and we enjoyed a lovely pizza evening making our own pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven at Intaka.


There is now only one week left of the course and everybody is hard at work preparing for the final exam and assessments which will happen during this week. I wish all the students the best for the week lying ahead and know they will give it everything they have. It has been a privileged to train all of you and remember…slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

Bush Regards

Pieter Dunn

– Trails Guide Facilitator

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” ~Charles Kettering


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