Ulovane Update: September Level One Group Week 7

18 Nov

Life as a trainee field guide: Fall of the Titans

IMG_9007Ulovane Update: Monday began with our usual exam, this week on Birds and reptiles! As soon as the exam was done and dusted we headed out onto the reserve to enjoy and experience the wonder that is Mother Nature! It was Louise’s Birthday and it seems that we were in for some real treats!! We enjoyed a wonderful sighting of a young rhino and mother sleeping, complete bliss to watch. Ah the elephants enjoyed swimming and playing in the Bushman’s river, totally unaware we were even watching them! We came cross the lioness in the middle of the day and she was so relaxed rolling around and stretching. Later that afternoon we celebrated Louise’s birthday, with a delicious chocolate cake baked my our very own guide/chef Mike – thanks Mike!!
IMG_9126Tuesday was « the fall of the Titans ». That was predicted for week 5 but we resisted until week 7. Sometimes you just need a time out and change of scenery. So management decided to give us a 2 day break. Some went to Port Alfred, some decided to stay at Ulovane, having the whole place to them and some went home. It was good to go and see other places. The break did us all some good and we are back on track! Port Alfred is a beautiful little town and it was good to see the sea and enjoy some ocean air!
Friday morning back on deck and now the pace is getting faster. Only a few weeks until final exams and assessments. This week is the last week of academic: mammals, animal’s behavior and ecology.
Wish us luck!
-Dou dou

The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. – Vince Lombardi

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