Ulovane Update: September Level One Group Week 6

10 Nov

Life as a trainee field guide: Improvise…….


Ulovane Update. As we rolled into the 6th week of our training course, we kicked things off with our regular Monday madness exam which consisted of trees, flowers and grasses. Stress levels were through the roof as per usual but we managed to give it our best!! To de-stress we went on a wonderful game drive followed by our second sleep-out, this time being at boat side. After a refreshing afternoon swim in the river we had some elephants pass through the campsite. Our experienced instructors Sean and Kyle did a great job in keeping the situation safe and under control. A blanket was stolen in the process by one of the elephant but we won’t hold that against him because: hey, whose to say the big boy wasn’t feeling cold himself! As we drifted off into dreamland, we were joined by some rain, which soaked our sleeping bags but we managed to push through like the good bush soldiers we are.

As we rose next morning we set out on another game drive back to camp. The wet and slippery conditions were a new challenge for us but we took it all with ease and we made the best of a bad situation with marshmallows, peanuts, fresh rainwater to drink and some bird sightings.

WP_20141107_011Wednesday and Thursday were consumed by lectures on birds and reptiles, with a few bird walks in between. On the Thursday we had the privellage of viewing a jackal buzzard’s nest with a chick inside it. As day light broke on Friday we were up early for yet another bird walk and almost ran over a Kori bustard’s nest with 2 eggs inside it!

So the weekend is now upon us, filled with studies and sunshine:D All in all I would say we had a fantastic week and we are all looking forward to what is to come next.

– Antonia and Ryan

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