Home sweet home!

08 Oct

We finished the 10 week fgasa one course and 6 of us are left. After a great crazy graduation party we all had to leave Ulovane to have a break. And to be honest we needed it! The ten week course was intense and our brains where overloaded with all the new information.

Julian, Elisabeth, Steven and I decided to explore the eastern coast and made our way to Knysna. We had a lovely time and ended up spending 9 nights in Storms River because it felt like we were in the bush again.

As we started off in Port Elizabeth we didn’t feel we belonged in the city. It is a weird feeling as if you’re from a complete different planet seeing the ‘city people’ rushing and running around. That is way we loved Storms river, it was nice relaxed and in nature! But if you think we took a break and throw all our books aside, you’re wrong. We actually continued learning and trying to identify more bird species and plant. Storms river has a complete other vegetation than Ulovane surrounding. We ended up birding almost every day.

After the holiday we came back to Ulovane and met up with Mike, Herman and Corne who didn’t join us for the road trip. The week started with getting our competency for advanced rifle handling. In order to get this we needed to go to Port Elisabeth and had full day lectures at a rifle shop and range. I was really nervous because I never handled or even seen a rifle from up close! After the lectures we needed to shoot with a .22 rifle just to get the feeling of it and to practice aiming. But I did pretty well I think! After this the serious business started. We went to an outdoor shooting range to shoot with a .308w rifle and the target was 50m away. I was so scared and nervous but after the first shot I got a bit more confided.

Everybody got their competency and now we are focusing on getting our tracking qualification. We have to identify tracks from small beetles to elephants! It is going to be an interesting week! 

– Melissa


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