Weekly Ulovane Update ~

27 Jul

Right, what can I say about the past week? We had to do rifle handling this week and for some of us it was the first time to handle a rifle. Schalk showed us the ropes and then we all had a go. It turned out that it was not that bad, until we saw how blue our shoulders were the next day. I should just say this; the girls totally rocked the rifle handling. Boys need some work. Unfortunately we will have to carry on with the rifle handling in a couple of weeks – but we were not too phased as Schalk had the rest of the week filled for us! Thursday was the day that really stood out for me. We the entire day on Amakhala with lots of studying, some fishing and canoeing – all very educational of course. After lunch and spending time at the river we went driving around the Reserve and did some worked on our on our grasses and trees knowledge. Another surprise arose as we were told that it was organised for us to go to a braai with the other guides on the Reserve. It was great to meet the other guides on Amakhala and listen to their interesting experiences as guides. The drive home was awesome – no vehicle lights, we used the moon to guide us. We stopped at some point to just look up at the stars and the moon and there all of us just had a moment and some silence to think a while about things and reflect on the weeks happenings ~ this all in one day – Ah loving the life!

– Anna Marie Gous

Fun on the boat on Amakhala ~

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