A Splash of Yellow*

15 Nov

What an awesome weekend! Great rugby, great weather and to end off a FABULOUS day on the beach! However I will let Bettina and her gorgeous pictures tell the tale!


Splash of YELLOW

A splash of YELLOW*We had yet another wonderful week at Ulovane this week, although everyone is starting to realize that the course is coming to an end and with it the final exams are approaching. Since everyone was still tired from their last weekend off, the week started off with camp maintenance. After that, we had lectures on trees, flowers and grasses.

Wednesday early morning we set off on a drive to take a look at the trees, flowers and grasses growing on Amakhala. We could not have chosen a better point in time, since the rains in the last few weeks have provided enough water for all the vegetation to become very green, and everything is flowering. Large parts of Amakhala are literally covered in a blanket of yellow and purple flowers. On top of that, the sun was shining throughout the day, making the flowers look even brighter. Needless to say, we had a beautiful day out and it was very enlightening to see and touch the plants we had been learning about.

Marshmellow braai:)

After Thursdays lecture we set out on another drive that included a sleepover in a boma on Amakhala. During the afternoon heat, we all sat down in the shade of the trees next to the Bushmans river and some of the boys had an attempt at fishing which sadly turned out to be unsuccessful. In the evening, we were a bit cold from the very strong winds that had been blowing all afternoon, so we were very glad that the fire was already going when we got to the boma. We warmed up and braaied some nice steaks. After dinner, everyone sat around the fire chatting and roasting marshmallows.  After that we set out on an evening drive with some stargazing.

We got back to the camp on Friday morning just in time to set off on our tracker duties, which were once again a very enjoyable experience for everyone. It was great to interact with real guests and to see how other trails guides manage their job, and most of us got to help guiding a lot more this time. Being able to guide real guests was, this time more than ever, a great practice for our assessment drives, and gave some of us some confidence for them as well.

Sunday morning the majority of the group left at 4 A.M. to go fishing on the Kariega River by Kenton-on-Sea. Although we only caught a few fish it was a very relaxing morning out on the boat and everyone greatly enjoyed it. At around noon we anchored on the beach and spend the afternoon on the beach swimming, sun tanning, and having lunch or a few drinks in the restaurant right by the beach. With this day that we spend relaxing we recharged our batteries for next week, in which we will have to do a lot of studying.

– Bettina

Thank you for your awesome input and your PICTURES – WONDERFUL!

3 Weeks left with these awesome students, who have taught us as much as we have taught them. So many good times and wonderful memories, we have to put away with the others – we truly are blessed to have one of the best jobs in the world! We LIVE< LAUGH<LOVE & EXPLORE:)

C x 

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